Using up the Leftovers

My family has a huge New Year’s Eve party every year. Filled with family and food, we are usually too stuffed to even think about jumping up and down when the clock strikes 12. This year was the first year Michael was able to come, and he certainly didn’t disappoint my hungry family. Taking over the kitchen (to the relief of my mother!) he busted out thick Cuban and roast beef sandwiches made entirely from scratch. He enjoyed the compliments all the way into the new year!


As we packed up our bags to head back to Chicago, my mother loaded down our car with all the leftovers sitting in her fridge. Mostly delicious veggies that would wilt fast, Michael quickly began dreaming up some delicious and healthy dinners to use what we had. This was tonight’s:

-1 cup rice (2 cups water)
-1/2 white onion
-2 cloves garlic
-1 C thinly sliced parsnips
-1 T coconut oil
-1 T sesame oil
-1 t red pepper flakes
-2 T soy sauce
-2 C baby spinach
-1 C broccoli florets
-1/4 C corn
-1/2 C green beans

In a medium sauce pan, put rice with two cups water and boil over high heat. Once boiled, put lid on pan and lower onto medium heat until rice absorbs water. Once it is absorbed, fluff rice with fork and let rest with five minutes.  Heat coconut oil in sauce pan. Saute garlic, onions, red pepper flakes, and parsnips until browned.  Add broccoli, green beans, and corn to pan. Saute until cooked, but still firm.  Add baby spinach, wilt.  Add soy sauce and sesame oil.  Place rice on plate, then cooked veggies on top, and serve.




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