My Favorite Meal in the World

This weekend Michael and I spent almost entirely in the kitchen.  We are dreaming up ideas for restaurants and wanted to test some of our recipes, to see if they would make the cut.  We trucked over to my parent’s house Friday night and then spent Saturday working our magic in their lovely kitchen.  Compared to our cramped space, this place is a dream!  Plus, we got to leave the window cracked and enjoy the natural sunlight-it couldn’t have been better.

With Michael having such a great cooking background, it can sometimes be hard to compete.  My secret weapon, however, is at its prime early in  the day, and that’s with breakfast.  After I learned about the power of eggs and started making them for breakfast (you can read all about it here), I started experimenting with omelettes  the classic diner style being my absolute favorite.  Knowing that we had a long day ahead of us, I decided to prepare Michael a delicious, protein and veggie packed omelette! (Note, please ignore the ugly hashbrowns.  This weekend was all about learning and I learned the importance of soaking potatoes to get rid of the starch before cooking them.  Otherwise, hashbrowns look and taste like glue! Stay tuned for a better recipe for delicious hash!)




2 large eggs

1/4 c chopped red pepper

1/4 c grape tomatoes, halved

1/3 c cheese

(you can also add about 3 T of milk to the mixture to make it extra smooth and creamy, I just chose to omit it today)


Begin by preparing a sauce pan with olive oil.  Break two eggs in sauce pan, and mix together with spatula.  They should look like scrambled egg mixture.  Turn burner on high heat and wait for eggs to cook.  Once edges are beginning to brown (but not burn, keep checking!) and middle is still a little runny, add veggies (save about a palm full) to one half of omelette.  Wait about thirty second more, and sprinkle with cheese.  Then, carefully flip the uncovered half over the cover and allow to cook for about thirty seconds more.  Once the eggs are thoroughly cooked and the cheese is melted, remove from heat and sprinkle with remaining veggies and cheese.


What gets you going in the morning?



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