The Making of a Vice


There once was a time that I didn’t like coffee.  Up until about two years ago, I had never even had more than a sip of the stuff, declaring the taste was always too “bold” for me.  I didn’t even know what that meant.  Then, a friend suggested that we go to Awake Cafe off of Irving Park in Chicago.  We went, and I ordered a seasonal latte, and was hooked.  I also spent the bus ride home on the biggest caffeine buzz known to man.

Michael, the caffeine addict, demonstrated how it wasn't enough for him,

Michael, the caffeine addict, demonstrated how it wasn’t enough for him,

When I moved to Michigan, I began drinking coffee like there was no tomorrow.  A pot was started usually before I started work in the morning, and was kept fresh through the entire pasta making session.  Espressos were broken out on thirteen hour shift days, or when we had a lot of catering to put out.  I began to limit my intake, so I could feel the full effect on the really tough days.  Soon, coffee became a favorite treat of mine.


Living in Chicago, I must say that we are spoiled.  Chicago has many coffee roasters and a plethora of delicious coffee shops.  Metropolis, Dark Matter, and Bow Truss and three of my favorite roasters, all producing a few different types of coffee, and great espressos.

For a nice little treat, try a Mexican Mocha

1 shot of espresso (I recommend Bow Truss’s Hoist)

1 1/2 c hot cocoa

1 t (or more!) of chili powder

Make hot cocoa and espresso, mix together.  Add a dash of chili powder, and taste.  Keep adding chili powder until you can taste the chili.  Now add one more dash.






What’s your tried and true coffee?




Let us know your thoughts

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