The Pancake Pantry /Nashville

One of my absolute favorite things to write is restaurant reviews, as I believe it goes hand in hand with recipes.  Michael and I love to critique restaurants, it’s almost like a sport to us.  The down side of this, however, is when we have company who don’t feel like dissecting each piece of food.  Although we love going out to eat we are often disappointed by the quality of food that restaurants serve.  Because we have lived it, we feel that making each dish from scratch is the only way to go and can’t understand why some restaurants let themselves stand for anything less.  To create each dish for each customer is a labor of love, but a tough one at that.  Food just doesn’t magically appear at a restaurant’s back door, it has to be planted, grown, picked, and shipped.  With all this work involved, I believe that restaurants should celebrate their ingredients more, instead of just plopping things down on a plate.  Of course, when all is said and done, we eat to live, but let’s have a little fun with it!

With that being said, when Michael and I do find a good restaurant, we tend to do just about anything to go back.  On our recent trip to West Palm beach we drove an hour out of our way just to go to The Pancake Pantry, in my favorite city, Nashville, Tennessee.



If you think every pancake is the same, just wait until you try these guys.  Nestled in a little complex just outside of Belmont University, the line coming from this place on weekends makes it hard to miss.  A big, open building, almost giving the illusion of a barn with a ton of tables, makes you feel right at home as you are taken to your seat.  Large paintings by local artists adorn the wall, and the wait staff is always smiling politely.  After being handed our menus, we immediately dove into one of the toughest tasks of our day.

The menu is naturally chock full of pancakes, ranging from pecan toasted ones to traditional flapjacks.  Their menu also includes options for omlettes, waffles, and traditional sides such as sausages, bacon, and hashbrowns.  It was seven in the morning, and we had been driving for nearly ten hours straight, so we quickly ordered coffee and our breakfasts.

Our food arrived quickly and we could not have been more pleased.  My cherry pancakes (with the fruit from Michigan) were delightful.  The pancakes, rolled and topped with cherries, powdered sugar, and whipped cream melted in my mouth.  The pancake held up under all the syrup, too.  Michael’s blintzes were equally as delicious, filled with cinnamon spice and cottage cheese.  Our hashbrowns were cooked to perfection, offering all the lovely things about a potato with none of the starchy flavor.  I quickly finished my eggs, as Michael scarfed down his sausages.

Our total visit was somewhere around thirty minutes, with how efficient the wait staff was.  Even though we had to drive out of our way, I wouldn’t have missed it for anything!



Throwback Thursday: Dimo’s Pizza

Another great location just a stone’s throw away from Wrigley Field, Dimo’s is out to make a pizza lover out of everyone.  With a wide arrange of flavors that vary each week (I don’t know if Chicago could handle goldfish pizza regularly) and $3 slices, it’s hard not to find yourself sitting at the communal tables watching Cubs fans stumble by.  Famous for their Mac and Cheese pizza, you can also find vegan, gluten free, and vegetarian options.  A few favorites include BBQ Chicken, Don Giovanni, and Tortellini.  Pictured below is The Mac and Tortellini.



Can you tell our favorite eat out partner is Kyle?

Can you tell our favorite eat out partner is Kyle?