Kuma’s Too / Chicago

We’d heard the rumors; hour long lines for the most delicious burgers this side of the Willis Tower.  Longingly peering over our shopping bags during every Trader Joe’s trip to the restaurant below us, we decided it was time to see what the buzz was about.

Promptly seated on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, the first thing we noticed was the music.  It was hard not to, considering conversation was impossible without shouting.  Chalking it up to the classic rock star owner, we dived into our menus.

Two pages, which consisted mostly of (surprise!) burgers, salads, and fried beginnings, I was a little uncomfortable with their attempts to be cheeky.  “No waffle fries.  Ever.” was on not one, but both pages and prominently displayed at the bottom was their absolutely no vegan food policy.  I get it, it’s a burger joint, but was it necessary to state that so boldly?  It was a little off-putting, much like the service.  Our waitress was either incredibly uninterested in our orders, or was too distracted by her multitude of other duties at the place to care.

After about ten minutes, a plate of fried pickles, our appetizer was placed in front of us, as well a refresher of our drinks.  A bit long considering the dining room was only half full.  I would like to say that the pickles were good, but unfortunately, all I can comment on is the breading, which was decent.  Fried to a crisp, and tasting of corn, they incased comically thin sliced pickles, leaving no taste other than the breading whatsoever.  A plus was that about ten came to our order, which meant we were able to enjoy quite a few as we waited.

Our burgers arrived about fifteen minutes later, and came by a different server, who was much more pleasant.  My veggie Goatsnake was a rice and bean patty covered in goat cheese, “frizzled” onions, and poblano corn relish.  Haunted by the great memories of my veggie burger from The Counter (Kuma’s previous occupant), the bland taste was not much to write about.  The bun, however, perfectly soft and butter, and the fried onions complimented the goat cheese nicely.

I opted for a side salad and was surprised at the size.  Although I paid an extra $2 more for it, the size was a bit much for a side.  What looked like a fresh pile of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers was actually a heap of drenched veggies.  Each item I picked up oozed basil dressing, not a welcome addition to an already heavy lunch.  Not to mention, the cucumbers were sliced so thick it was impossible to even eat them.

Michael’s bison burger-the burger of the month, was not much of an improvement over mine.  Although he reported that it was “very good”, he said it wasn’t anything to rave about.  His fries and ketchup, on the other hand were good enough to gobble up in five minutes.

Not being a fan of neither burgers nor classic rock, the food and atmosphere left me feeling angry and upset.  I can’t even say if it was from the food or the music!  Although I would much rather point you in the direction of other burger favorites (Edzo‘s anyone?), if you are looking for a tantalizing burger, a great beer selection, and not much conversation, Kuma’s Too is for you.


2 thoughts on “Kuma’s Too / Chicago

  1. hahahaha! I think you missed the point. Its SUPPOSED to be playing loud in-your-face metal (with all the burgers named after heavy metal bands) I’ve never heard anyone complain about it because the loud music and heavy metal atmosphere is the reason to go there

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