Downtown Cafe / Rochester, MI

Well, Hungry readers, I am finally here in the great state of Michigan.  It was a long, hard road, but I  am finally (sort of) settled into my boyfriend’s family’s home.  While my parents were here (they were kind enough to help us move in!) we ate a lovely lunch out at one of my favorite spots, Downtown Cafe.  Here’s why.

One of my mother’s only requests in choosing a place to eat is that there are seats outside.  In a smaller town, and one in such a state where snowfall can reach North Pole quantities (not really, but it feels like it), patio seating is hard to come by.  However, as we strolled down Main Street I remembered one of the best seats in the house, at Downtown Cafe.  Nestled in between the main drag and the Rochester Public Library, the cafe is a favorite among families and business people alike.  

Open for breakfast and lunch only, and focusing heavy on the former, Downtown Cafe steers clear of tired diner traditions.  Of course, you can order the simple eggs/hash/toast if you please, but they have more adventurous options, mostly on their specials dry erase board.  Items like “Michigan Pancakes” that came complete with Michigan’s most popular fruit-the cherry, Creme Brulee stuffed French toast, and quiches are never a disappointment.  My only caution is that the sweeter you go, the more you feel like you are indulging in a dessert, rather than a hearty breakfast.  But if that’s what floats your boat, by all means, go for the gold!

Service at Downtown Cafe is friendly.  Although the servers don’t go out of their way to accomplish this feeling, their pleasant attitudes and cheerful smiles have me believing that this little cafe is a mighty fun place to work.  I really shouldn’t question it, though, because spending a few hours in such a quaint, bright little building could probably do wonders on anyone’s mood.

Michael and I ordered from the specials menu and we were both pleased.  My tomato, fresh basil, and dill Havarti omelette made for an incredible combination, and one I enjoyed even more than the traditional mozzarella.  A mix between a thin crepe of a diner omelette and the bursting-at-the-seams French creations, the egg mixture left me in a perfectly satisfied state between thin and fluffy.  Michael’s raspberry stuffed French toast left his mouth watering for more.  A sugary mixture of berries atop two large slices of Texas toast gave him a bit of a sugar buzz, but I believe that’s the point of French toast.  

My parents both enjoyed strawberry chicken salads, having filled up earlier in the day.  Spinach, feta, and strawberries danced around a vinaigrette that was not too sweet nor savory.  

In Rochester, a breakfast that can please everyone is hard to come by.  If you can snag a table (outside!) at Downtown Cafe you will not be disappointed!


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