Kitchen 101: How to Use a Chemex

It’s just for hipsters in their Brooklyn apartments with their exposed brick walls and Arcade Fire playing on their turntable, you say.

It’s just for brooding baristas, with their ironic paper crane tattoos and hair swooping over their hungry eyes, you say.

You like your $20 coffee maker, you say.

You don’t have time for pour over, you say.

Well, it’s not and your wrong, I say.


Gone are the days where the brooding hipsters get all the good coffee because now we can all have explore the joys and taste the greatness of pour over coffee!  Simply put, pour over coffee is made manually, with the help of freshly ground beans, a strange looking hourglass shaped glass, and hot water.  The reason this coffee tastes so good (and is a little more expensive to order at a coffee shop) is because the technique leaves the beans evenly soaked, not acidic, and smooth.  Try for yourself.



Chemex unbleached square coffee filters

Coffee grinder

Really good coffee beans (Pelican is my favorite)




How to:

1. Bring enough water for however many cups you want to boil in a kettle.

2. When water is boiled, grind enough beans to cover the blade.  Grind until you can still see chunks of bean, as you don’t want the cofee too fine.  Never do this in advance, as beans lose flavor and aroma the minute they are ground.

3. Open up square filter.  You want it to be shaped like a funnel, with the paper two sides thick on one side and one side thick on the other.  Set the filter into the top of your Chemex and pour the ground coffee beans inside.

4.  Slowly begin to pour your hot water over the beans.  You want to do this in a circular motion, not just pour it on top in one location.  Start by pouring your water on the sides of the paper and slowly work closer to the beans.  Allow the water to settle, then continue to pour.

5.  Once all the water is poured, wait until it has drained into the basin of your Chemex.  Once you are finished, enjoy your delicious coffee!  Skinny jeans and a copy of Slaughter House 5 are optional.


108_6416 108_6418 108_6419 108_6420 108_6421

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