The Kitchen is for Dancing

Cooking in silence is for some people.  I’d like to think that silent kitchens are only for those who use tweezers to saute onions and cut their chives on 30 degree angles.  For the rest of us, music is just as necessary as non stick pans.  When I lived near Wrigley Field in Chicago with roommates, three out of the four of us enjoyed spending time in the kitchen.  Regardless of our cooking styles, music was always present.  Below are a few suggestions from me, Michael, and Kyle.


Birdhouse in Your Soul-They Might Be Giants

Scarlet Begonias-The Grateful Dead

Lend Me Your Love-slackstring


Pepper-Butthole Surfers

Love or Leave Me Drowning-Blitzen Trapper

The Baker-The Aquabats


The Weakerthans-Exiles Among You

Defiance, Ohio-The Year

Radiator Hospital-Our Song

-Keep dancing, friends!

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