Bien Trucha / Geneva, IL

Photo courtesy of Geneva Daily Photo

Photo courtesy of Geneva Daily Photo

If you are ever in downtown Geneva around eating time, you might be perplexed to see a line out the door of a tiny white building.  You’ll probably be driving too fast to even notice the small sign that is affixed on the window that says “Bien Trucha“.  Either way, you  will, like me, spend the next ten years wondering what the heck that place must serve in an otherwise chain restaurant town.  I’ll spare you the time, they sell the best.

It doesn’t even matter that I didn’t finish that sentence.  The best what?  It’s just the best.  I really should just leave it at that, because you just need to go for yourself, but since that’s not common restaurant review practice, I’ll continue.

On a weekday afternoon, Michael and I strolled into the busy joint without a wait.  White walls, minimal Mexican inspired art, and quaint pillows to cushion the wooden benches gave the place a trendy, yet somewhat homey vibe.  All the waiters smiled and made sure we were taken care of by bringing us a heaping bowl of homemade chips and the most amazing pureed bean dip I had ever tasted.  Warm and bursting with flavor, it gave me the same feeling a warm soup might give at a chilly tailgate.

Our waiter quickly persuaded us to order the guacamole with the fruit of the day (plum) and two cups of crema de chile poblano soup.  The guacamole had minimal salt and played delicately on the palette, making you feel like you were running through an avocado farm.  The soup, made Michael and I stop in our tracks.  A natural bright green, the pureed poblano mingled effortlessly with potato cubes and queso fresco.  It was the kind of soup that would make you give up all other food for the rest of your life.  Rich, creamy, and able to taste every flavor, it was the perfect meal, snack, dessert, and breakfast.

The cheese for my cazeulitas was served in a small rectangular dish, accompanied by fresh, warm tortillas wrapped in a beautiful towel, all served on a wooden platter.  The de Champiiones featured wild mushrooms, chile de arbol, garlic, onion, crema fresca, and chihuahua cheese, all melding together in my warm corn tortilla to create a delicious lunch.  Michael’s Bien Trucha tacos came with three homemade beauties stuffed with grilled skirt steak, home-made chorizo, chihuahua, and roasted tomatillo-serrano salsa.  He stayed silent for the whole meal, eyes closed.  That’s a sure sign of enjoyment. Our sides of esquites and arroz poblano were equally as thought out, homestyle delicious.

My only complaint is that I wish I had dined at Bien Trucha earlier.  The entire staff was friendly, ready to explain each menu item and what makes it delicious.  I was so delighted at the showcase of fresh ingredients and their true-to-their roots in each item on their menu.  A must eat.


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