Saturday Special (Bowl Scraper)

When you’re trying to build your kitchen arsenal up, it can be difficult to decide what is really important.  You browse your local kitchen store and are blinded by all the shiny gadgets, expensive tools, and gorgeous napkins.  Sighing, you believe that without a hefty grant, your kitchen might just have to be mediocre.  You resolve to eat more take out as not to showcase your lack of kitchen gadgetry.

bowl scraper

Fear not!  One of the greatest additions to your drawers is the simple, inexpensive bowl scraper!  Most run for under $1 and can be used to make lines in pastry cream, clean bowls, and just about anything else.  I have a feeling one of these will come in handy during the holidays.

It’s not an item I recommend shopping online for, as I had some difficulties.  However, the one pictured above is here.  Next time you’re at any kitchen supply shop or supermarket, I can almost guarantee you’ll find one!



2 thoughts on “Saturday Special (Bowl Scraper)

  1. i can totally relate to this! omg freshmen year of college dorm life, mixing cookie dough by hand, in a saucepan, baked on the back of a sheet cake pan lined with a silicone baking mat. hey, it made perfectly good cookies! some od the fancy stuff is overrated and only makes you feel inadequate. but the cook is made by the creativity and love, not by the stuff!

    =) you rock

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