Garden Harvest Cookbook Tutorial

My grandma recently told me of a beautiful problem that was plaguing her kitchen: her garden had created an over abundance of zucchini and tomatoes.  Her and my grandpa have been scrambling away to find recipes that would fulfill all their vegetable needs, but they had a hard time finding anything tasty outside the traditional salad and kabob rut (with the exception of a gratin they made for a Sunday dinner).

The unfortunate thing about gardens is that sometimes, no matter how much harvest you give away or bake into dinners, sometimes you still have too much.  For me, I feel like I spend all winter dreaming of the delicious ways I can prepare produce from my garden only to make more than my fair share of caprese salads when summer rolls around.  Here’s my idea to combat this waste of delicious food: create a recipe book specifically tailored to the veggies you grow.


In my version, I used a simple binder found at an office supplies store, binder dividers, construction paper, and chalk.

Since I wasn’t able to keep a garden this year, I made my (small) list of categories very general.  Tomato, zucchini, kale, peppers, and spinach.  If your garden is more in depth, or you want to push your culinary boundaries, make categories for each variety of plant you have.  Japanese eggplant? Heirloom versus cherry tomatoes?  The possibilities are endless.


Then, load up your new cookbook with recipes you find all year long.  When your garden delivers a bounty, it’ll be easy to create something delicious from your pages of inspiration.




Also, if you aren’t a fan of printing out pages or keeping a physical book, make a garden Pinterest board.  Make boards the same way you would for physical folders, and pin away.

Either way, don’t let your bounty go to waste.  Stay inspired!



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