Saturday Special (The Reserve)

Today’s Special is a restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan, The Reserve.  With a commitment to showcasing great tasting local food and bringing farmers in touch with consumers, The Reserve is certainly something else.  Taking advantage of the bountiful region of Grand Rapids and surrounding areas, they also have an impressive wine list under the same philosophy.

Photo courtesy of The Reserve's website

Photo courtesy of The Reserve’s website

As Michael and I prepare to move to the area next month, I look forward to trying out some new places like this one!




Restaurant Trend: iPads for Ordering

Photo Courtesy of the New York Times

Photo Courtesy of the New York Times

Recently, I perused a wine/beer/spirit list at Michael Symon’s Roast.  The choices were seemingly endless, but given each category was neatly filed away behind a descriptive folder, it was easy to find my beer of choice.  Increasingly, restaurants and bars are turning to tablets for anything from quick service ordering to full service bar menus.  Although it takes some of the pressure off the server and allows the customer to zero in on their indulgence of choice, it all seems a bit…impersonal.  As technology takes us for another turn, I invite you to sound off on this new trend.  Does your restaurant use iPads?  Have you eaten at one that does?  Tell us what you think below in the comments.