Attention to Detail

Throughout my life I have prided myself on my close attention to detail.  Whether it was a school project, an outfit for a special occasion, or a party, I always gravitated towards the little things.  I am a firm believer that a simple bouquet of flowers on the table or a well thought out thank you card can make all the difference.


As a food writer, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with all the different possibilities.  However, in the past weeks I have realized that my interests gravitate towards detail in food, as well.  Instead of planning the whole meal, or concerning myself with how to cook a roast, I am fascinated with the steps that go into making the most beloved items on our tables actual things.

I write a great deal about cheese and coffee on this blog, and although I am madly in love with both their complexities and tastes, I adore two things most about them, and other foods like them.

1. Their presence at a dinner party or Sunday morning’s breakfast table are added delights.  To me, a warm cup of coffee is a small reminder that this world provides us with the most beautiful things, if we look closely enough.  The details are not the main event, but they make the main a little more special.

Michael, enjoying a cup of coffee

Michael, enjoying a cup of coffee

2. The process of making these small fixtures, like breads or jams are often small labors of love, from farm to table.  I adore learning about the farmer who made the cheese I’m noshing on, or the process Michael went through to can peaches.  It can be difficult to find these sorts of stories in bigger, more main stream items.  The beauty in detail presents itself again.

So next time you are feel the itch to stretch your taste buds, don’t overwhelm yourself.  Let yourself wander in a cheese shop nearby, try a wine a little out of your comfort zone, or try making a simple bread.  Learning to love food starts small (I am certainly nowhere near being able to execute a beautiful three course dinner) and it is all about enjoyment.

What is your favorite detail?