Holiday Shopping Made Easy

I would love to make everyone on my holiday shopping list a big basket full of handmade breads, pastas, and pastries.  But between the constraints of kitchen space, time, and location, sometimes this is not possible.  In steps Zingerman’s.

The first time I felt like a true adult is when I placed an order for a few holiday gifts through Zingerman’s food catalog.  My orders were simple baskets full of pastries, chocolates, and coffee, but they were a huge load off of my mind.  Without having to worry about shipping, packaging, or wondering if the receiver would like it, it was a breeze.

I chose Zingerman’s for a few reasons.  First of all, I love giving the gift of food, especially if that food is savory (I don’t even want to look at another sugar coated cookie come December 26th).  Food to me is thoughtful, the opposite of a wasteful “filler” gift, and something that will make the recipient think of you when she is chowing down.  I chose Zingerman’s for two simple reasons.

1. I had just moved from Michigan and their deli sandwiches were always on my mind (If you haven’t seen The Five Year Engagement, you should, as it will give you an idea of the things people do for these sandwiches), and.,.

2. They have a great quality selection.  The owner of Zingerman’s has travelled all over the world to find the best of the best.  You can rest assured that whatever olive oil you order from them will be infinitely better than your supermarket variety.  Plus, they package gift baskets to help expand palettes, meaning your recipient gets something they like and then some.  In addition, their customer service is through the roof.

I love having this mail order on hand simply because it makes ordering for any occasion easy and I never have to scour the internet to find something someone will like.  There are countless companies out there that do just this, and I invite you to find one that will suit your needs the best.  Until then, I’ll be noshing on some roadhouse bread!